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The Rochlitz Family's 2002 Christmas Letter

We began receiving Christmas letters from our friends many years ago and enjoyed reading them so much that we decided to follow their example. Christmas is fast approaching and it is time once again to revisit our year and endeavor to sum up some of the events which took place. January started out in a promising manner for our social lives. Gábor and I both went to the movies! Separately of course, due to the lack of a babysitter in our lives. My friend Elizabeth, who lives in Montreal, has made it part of her charitable activities to take me to the movies once a year. This is a very worthy cause from my perspective. Gábor had been looking forwards to the release of the "Lord of the Rings" and re-read the trilogy in its honour. He organized a group of our friends, who are of similar persuasion, to see the movie. Both of us enjoyed our 'movie of the year'. As you can tell from this sad account we need to work on getting out more.
 The lack of snow this past winter caused some sadness as the new sled stood in the garage and plans for Alexandra's first skiing trip had to be scrapped. However, we did a lot of skating and she had numerous school and extra-curricular activities as well as many birthday parties (way too many) to keep her busy. Gregory was still home with me full-time at this point. We enjoyed the luxury of not having to be anywhere first thing in the morning, of getting together with friends, attending Mom and Tot programs and swimming lessons. During the winter months I joined the local horticultural society, continued helping out with the children's liturgy at church and met regularly with my own "prayer group". Gábor's monthly New Testament group is still ongoing and gives him a reason to stop with the everyday grind and focus on something important to him.
 The second half of the year can easily be summarized in five words. Moving, moving, and more moving. After several years of attempts and planning we finally took the plunge. My parents sold their home, we are still in the process of selling ours, and we bought a new home together. We spent a long time deliberating and debating the best way in which to take this new step for all of us. So far it looks as íf we have made a good decision. Consequently, most of my summer and fali was spent sorting and packing up 35 years worth of memories and assorted "treasures" with my mother. The rest of the time was spent packing up our own home with Gábor. This would have been hard work on its own, but figuring out how to fit the children intő all of this was a challenge. Alexandra enjoyed a few weeks at sports camp as well as a visit from her cousin Virág who extended her stay from the World Youth Day events, and helped watch the children while I packed. In any case, we are enjoying our new house very much. We finally have more space, a nice back yard, and lots of light, not to mention more than one bathroom.
 The best part is that we can be together. I received many incredulous looks when people found out we were moving in with my parents. However, we are blessed in that we all get along well and truly enjoy each others' company. I think the whole move has been hardest on my father, who at the age of 90 is having to learn how loud and active an adoringly independent three year old boy can be.
 We took two weeks off in the summer and rented a cottage North of Huntsville. This vacation was greatly responsible for keeping us sane during the big move. This is one place where both Gábor and I and the children have a relaxing time all at once. We made new friends, slept in, read, lay in the sun, swam, and had a lot of fon. Alexandra alsó had her first sleepover. Great news for us!
 School started a few days after my parents' move and just a few days before our move -no stress there. Alexandra started grade one in September. She has really blossomed in the last two years. She is happy, go-lucky and easy to parent. Hopefülly we will get to enjoy this stage for a while longer before the pre-teen angst hits. She is taking a sewing class and an árts and crafts class at school. She does both artistic and rhythmic gymnastics, and attends Hungárián school on Saturday mornings. It is always when I think she is doing too much for a six year old that she approaches me with yet another activity she would üke to try.
 Gregory began attending pre-school three mornings a week. It took him three weeks to adjustto the change, but he is now enjoying himself and learning English rapidly. He is a very busy little boy and his curly locks attract an awful lot of attention from the ladies. He is charming, funny, and he adores his big sister. Often we find him parading around in a tutu and a crown thanks to Alexandra. However, he is three years old and keeps us very busy and is very talented at wearing us out by the end of the day.
 The three mornings a week of being child-free have been wonderful. The amount of work I can get done during this time is tremendous. I am enjoying my new found freedom and value my time with the children even more.
 Gábor continues to work for AGFA as a service technician and trains others in the company. Recently he has traveled to Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Boston and Virginia. I need to find out if AGFA has an office in the Bahamas...
 We hope you are well, and are looking forwards to hearing from you. Our new address is 260 Byng Avenue, North York, Ontario, M2N 4L3. Our phone number is (416)223-4979.1 also have a new e-mail address which is: . Gabor's e-mail is: As we begin to celebrate this advent season we wish you a very happy and joyous Christmas and a successful New Year.
 With love,